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The ground floor at the living and kitchen areas completely opens to the exterior, tying a large court to the interior of the home's more public spaces. Peak wind gust over the past hour. On display, the frozen sculpture is glowing from within.

An anemometer and compass? You could set up several measuring points and see how temperature varies around your back garden, and then draw a chloropleth or isoline map to show the differences and patterns.

Temperature, dew point and relative humidity for all sensors.

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How much precipitation is intercepted in a woodland area? The weather has been so fundamental to shaping our society that one can argue that every aspect of life — economical, political, technical, cultural, emotional — is linked to or derived from it.

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The remaining stock of version 2 shields is Weather project available at a discounted price! Some web sites also carry readings on relative humidity that you could use as well.

Having said this, very good results can be obtained near tower blocks, and more able pupils might be able to study the venturi effects produced, or the problems these faster winds cause, e.

The tornado, which preliminary estimates place at an EF-2, created a damage path from just south of Sayre and Weather project through southern Elk City, before dissipating just short of Canute, OK.

You will need sites up the hillside, or along a main road. The best results are often obtained in steady rain. The existing structure is wrapped in a metal veil that re-organizes the interior and exterior elements to allow for a layering of spaces while framing views out of the home.

The shutter speed will give a surrogate measure of light intensity, as the faster the shutter speed, the greater the light intensity. These will help to relate the micro-scale changes to the macro-scale patterns. Optional WeatherJack barometer or the WxShield can be used for higher resolution pressure readings.

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The collecting vessels should be designed to allow regular emptying and should be robust enough to withstand regular handling. Moving through passageways and expansive installations, visitors become part of a choreography of darkness, light, geometry, and reflections.

The DOWs, together with the University of Wyoming King Air research aircraft, took observations of the AgI plume during cloud seeding events to determing Weather project effectiveness.

Collection and archiving of accurate weather data. Ventilator swings back and forth and around, rotating on its axis. The new structure is more open and free flowing taking advantage of expansive views off to the north, while internally connecting the lower floors vertically through a continuous stair and atrium.

More able candidates could also collect weather maps from a broadsheet newspaper or the images and charts from the Met Office web site. At the same time, stressing some of the particular features of the Turbine Hall, such as its giant proportions, or the open function of its intentionally undefined spaces, The weather project brought out the full potential of Tate Modern and, by extension, of museums in general, as places of encounter and aggregation.

You will need sites, possibly along a main road running away from the coast. Very good results can also be found if the transect is repeated at different times of the day, or year. Remember, you are not really after an average for each site, but checking whether the temperature changes in the same way at each site at different times.

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They complete the student notes sheet in order to organize their information. Equipment needed A digital thermometer and an anemometer plus compass?

Olafur Eliasson Monofrequency lights, projection foil, haze machines, mirror foil, Weather project, and scaffolding They are responsible for summarizing information from internet sources and conveying it in a way that makes sense. If they split, leakage will occur and ruin the results.

During that period, Eliasson also engaged the representatives of various departments, including those of Education and Interpretation, Operations and Front House, Communications, as well as Tate director Nicholas Serota and the museum architect Jacques Herzog, in discussions that examined issues such as representation, experience, interpretation and display.

When you have finished, you can draw a scattergraph, showing the temperature changes, or thermal gradient, for your transect. Olafur used humidifiers to create a fine mist in the air via a mixture of sugar and water, as well as a semicircular disc reflected by the ceiling mirror to appear circular [12] made up of hundreds of monochromatic lamps which radiated yellow light.

Presentations and videos — copies of all presentations and videos from the day Promotional flyer CREW Final Report If you would like to receive a mailed copy of the CREW project final report, please complete our report request form.

The CSV-format log file is updated once a minute with the following information: Selected works and projects[ edit ] Ventilator pieces[ edit ] Early works by Olafur consist of oscillating electric fans hanging from the ceiling.

More-able candidates could also collect weather maps from a broadsheet newspaper or the images and charts from the Met Office web site. Having said this, the regularity of making observations is crucial.

Uploading weather data to internet weather sites.This project involves collecting weather data each day, for a to day period, and comparing your readings with forecasts in the local newspaper or on web sites. Around midday you should record the air temperature, weather conditions, cloud cover, cloud type, wind speed and wind direction. This website is a testbed of weather dissemination technologies powered by the Iowa Environmental Mesonet of Iowa State University. These products.

The Doppler on Wheels Network. The Center for Severe Weather Research (CSWR) operates the Doppler on Wheels (DOW) mobile radar network, consisting of two dual-polarization, dual-frequency mobile radars and one multi-beam, rapid scan radar, as a National Science Foundation (NSF) facility.

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Severe Weather Projects

Please update your bookmarks to point to In this research project, students focus on one specific type of severe weather and create an informational pamphlet. Plan your minute lesson in Science or Weather and Atmospheric Science with helpful tips from Drewe Warndorff. News-- New stable release!

Beta adds weather forecast and 1-hour rain, fixes bugs. Click on the link above for the latest on new releases and other developments.

Weather project
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